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Every once in a while, something shifts inside us. We experience it as inspiration, as mental energy, an “a-ha” moment and — significantly — a great idea trying to be born.

And once we experience such a moment, the question becomes, “How can I have more of it?” 

To answer that question, I’ll start with a mini-course on two different ways we experience consciousness.

Classical Consciousness

The bytes of a classical computer function like a light switch. They are 0’s or 1’s, they turn "on" or "off", and do so in the sequence of time

The emotions in our brain also function like a light switch. We feel “happy or sad”, “peaceful or angry”, “courageous or fearful”, "positive" or "negative", we turn on or off, and also do this in time.

Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Computers (QC’s) store information as qubits. Qubits can exist in multiple quantum states simultaneously, referred to as superposition. This empowers QC’s to process multiple 0 and 1 calculations at the same time. Qubits utilize a special state of superposition called particle entanglement. As one particle changes state, its entangled partner also changes, and it happens instantaneously. It's like the data is being "teleported." 

This kind of sharing of data functions outside of time and is not limited by the speed of light.

And recently, Physicists like Nobel Laureate Sir Roger Penrose proposed that microtubules in our brains can temporarily maintain superposition.

Which naturally leads one to ask, Can our thoughts be the keys to triggering superposition? If so, which thoughts?

I already told you that we experience our positive and negative emotions at different moments in time.

Now I am telling you that the experience of our “positive emotions” are a result of a summation of “positive thoughts”. And that the experience of our “negative emotions” are a result of a summation of “negative thoughts”.

“The test of a first rate Intelligence is
the ability to hold two opposing ideas
in mind at the same time
and still retain the ability to function.”
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

It turns out the summation of your “positive thoughts” and your “negative thoughts” add up to zero. (+1 + -1 = 0)

That’s right, the summation of positive and negative thoughts add up to zero point… equilibrium.

And as your opposing emotions integrate, “happy and sad”, “peaceful and angry”, “courageous and fearful”, each add up to zero. You can say goodbye to time, and hello to superposition.

Instantaneous communication, your heart skips a beat as your consciousness takes a quantum leap…And wallah, a sudden flash of inspiration.

And it makes perfect sense. The vagus nerve that connects the brain with the heart, contains even more nerve fibers that send messages from the heart to the brain.

Now, how valuable is an inspired moment?

How about $400,000,000 for “Let’s get ready to Rumble”, That's what Michael Buffer earned from trademarking these now famous five words.

How about an inspiration that revolutionizes an entire global industry with an invention from the 1800's? That’s exactly what Elon Musk did with EV’s.

And we have a high school dropout to thank for an inspired idea so powerful it lit up the entire world. Thank you, Mr. Edison.

The word inspiration is derived from the Greek “In spiro” which means to breathe. And, we all breathe.

And we all have inspiration inside us. The question is: How dedicated are you to uncovering that inspiration and bringing it into your life?

Welcome to, where we're inspired to help you be more inspired... and it will be as simple as breathing.

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